• Enterprise Vision and Mission

    Enterprise Vision Casting Century-old Enterprise.

    Enterprise Mission Making Excellent Product.

  • Enterprise values

    Work Hard

    Create Value

    Serve Society

    Share Happiness

  • The spirit of the enterprise

    Honesty, Pragmatism , Persistence, Innovation.

  • The idea of the enterprise

    Idea of management: Manage honestly and work together to gain two-win.
    Idea of quality: the responsibility to make sure the safety of food is much more heavy than mountains.

The pickle of China has a long history. Over 3000 years ago, there was a phrase in The Book of Songs, there’re fresh vegetables and we’ll pickle them and give them to the emperor.

In ordinary family of Sichuan and Chongqing, there’re probably two earthen jars, one for pickling beans, and the other for pickling vegetables.

In the end of 1990s, inspired by Sichuan picked vegetables, the founder of You You, Mr. Lu Youzhong, came up with the idea to pickle meat in the way that use to pickle vegetables. By connecting the traditional way to pickle vegetables with the modern technologies like fermentation and preservation, the taste of meat is guaranteed and the technical challenge is solved. From then on, You You food made it to be produced in factories and went from tables to Shopping bags of people.