In 1970s, the chief designer of Reform and Opening, Deng Xiaoping, gave South Inspection Speech, which then began an important period in which China develop a lot. In 1997, city of Chong Qing started to be governed directly by itself.  And in the first year, You You was started. An era, a city, a private enterprise, were connected strongly without a band.

The eating culture of the mount town has given unlimited ideas and innovative chances to You You. And it is in that situation that dishes and dishes of homely table dishes go from the tables to the wallets and make it to be produced in factories. 

On 8 in May, 2019, You You Food was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (code for the ticket: 603697) and began a new journey, go ahead with all the power for the goal of "Produce a world-known brand, achieve Centennial You You.".

Human beings are born for dreaming and are great for dreams! The progress of You You’s development is a history of chasing dream. Thanks everyone who cares about and stands with You You. We can never have a story as fantastic as this one without your understanding, belief and support.

It’s our dream to make You You a centennial brand. It’s our duty to make products of great quality. I hope we can make our company a family that every worker in You You love, by continuing improve our ability of operation, management and business.

I’d like to work together with all friends of You You to make a better future!